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With Sick Submitter you can rank anything you want at the top of Google. Private website, blog, shop, adsense blog, affiliate site...
This soft do everything: Profile submitter, directory, bookmark, article, rss, ping.. You always keep an eye on awith the Url manager.
You can add unlimited site so you get unlimited backlink.

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Example of Sick Use:
<i>#I wasnt in the top 200 results for the longest time. Today I checked my ranking and Im number 3 for my phrase. The last time Ive done any non-sick backlinking was months ago. Since then, Ive ONLY done sick backlinking. Very nice.

#"It's made $100 plus each day this week through clickbank! My account looks like one of those cheesy sales letters with a bunch of zero dollar sales days and then a bunch of sales after I used some *secret* method of traffic generation..
No secret here, just Sick. Thanks! this is BY FAR my favorite SEO tool."

#I was just crunching some numbers so I thought Id report them here since most of the success is due to using Sick.
Last month on the site Im documenting in the link in my sig, I made $149.86 in adsense. So far this month since actively promoting using mostly Sick Ive made $517.47 from the same site. I fully expect to cross $600 from that site by the end of the month.

#I wanted to share with the Sick Community the success I have had using Sick as one of my tools in my arsenal. Wasnt planning on it taking so fast
Now I have read almost every Gurus technique and have a huge arsenal of software, but I have to say that Sick is really a GREAT piece of software to have..</i>

You can see more Real testimonial on the <a href=><b>Sick Submitter</b></a> Forum.

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