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<h1><a href=></a>
</h1>Although this source Caixia scene, but it does not divine origin, but high purity a treasure source, but the volume absolutely rare in the world.

No, me Stonemantle blooming splendor, close to the source block, his body armor, etc flashing.

Fan Ye walked around the block and found a lot of cracks around the source, there are bits and pieces of brilliance, very mysterious, such as so many stars.

God inside source fragments, Fan Ye knives held to the near, suddenly bursting out Veris, such as a rare sword.

Yes, it was the divine origin of the slag enclosed in a giant source. In his heart surprised, seriously looked at the woman in the source.

She was very serene, it seems to fall into eternal slumber.

Fan Ye sigh a sigh of relief, this should be a body, have lost vitality, despite the lifelike, but could not hide the truth of life left.

The woman was very beautiful, flowers and the moon, beauties, but unfortunately the past years away.

Suddenly, Fan Ye see a piece of jade, with the seal in the source ajar Luoqun, do not pay attention to is difficult to see.

The Swire biological, like the jade ornaments? He frowned, there are indications that this is likely to be human.

Suddenly, Fan Ye, a cold heart, he was in the source block to see something else, those bits and pieces of the divine origin of slag, a few red hair root.

Orang, He stimulated Lingling shiver.

Orang whirlwind blowing Zhang ancestor disappeared that night, the color of the earth, and inexplicable creatures roar of the night, long time refused to leave.

Young children who accompany source Fearless was scared to dementia, when he saw the the ancestor one hand covered with orang,

Think of these, Fan Ye shuddered, the purple mountains internal, see the markings left by those strongman, not a woman's name.

Is this a million years ago, the Jade Pool saint Yang Yi's body?

Fan Ye is not frivolous, stepped back and search carefully, would like to find some clues in this ancient mine.

Soon, he found in the mine wall writing: Zhang Jiye <h2><a href=></a>
</h2> worship.

A thousand years ago, the Chang family's ancestors come here! Fan Ye hearts light up, he felt that seems far away from the source bible.

Swire creature dead in here, Fan Ye did not move to this source, in his heart to give birth to a lot of ideas.

Source Tian fate, Think of these, he felt the back raw cold.

If I become the source Fearless, later also <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> occur ominous? Fan Ye go out very far, mind also drive around this shadow.

The magic of the call, when weak, Fan Ye from Purple Mountain advanced in years, finally have a major discovery, he saw a broken stone pendant that generally goes with him.

The same time, Fan Ye whole body, our liquidity, knives bright, eye-catching astrolabe.

Silent, a team of people from an abandoned mine go out, neat, without messy.

Fan <strong><a href=></a>
</strong> Ye suddenly scalp tingling, Yin Yin Ma cold Senhan, like out from the nether.

This kind of thing is actually so much <a href=></a>

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