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<h1><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a> </h1>Enough to play, the last time he duel with Fan Ye, this method can not be played, full of regret.

At the moment, a golden Supreme TIANPENG with a real dragon blue, huge body out of, so many people are feeling Thriller!.

Chaos force field can be utilized this technique, the golden-winged Xiaopeng Wang Taiqiang, big, shocking, dreadful war?

What a surprise, amazing.


Many people tongue-tied, shocking moment.

Long anti-How about you! The Fan Ye foot crazy old footwork, brush soon flashed the TIANPENG real dragon.

Spite of a strong gold-winged Xiaopeng Wang, it is impossible in the the chaotic force field aplomb, quickly faded the golden TIANPENG blue real dragon.


Void trembling, Peng Long, lifelike, full of the sense of the force have already been taken, to emerge in its side, wrapped around his strike failed to kill Fan Ye, he knew there was no chance.

Stroke Long surgery became stroke Lung, protect the back of his body, attached to his body surface, so they are not offset by the chaotic force field.

Fan Ye fight, can not afford to dry gold winged Xiaopeng Wang, he wants Kuangou meal with Bigfoot kick split to the golden Mahamudra.

Hey, Why, you do not kill me. Gold winged Xiaopeng Wang mouth hung a <h2><a href=>tory burch miller</a> </h2> wisp of <strong><a href=>tory burch tote sale</a> </strong> blood, sneered: Be careful, do not take my tripod broke out.

Fan Ye did not take the crop to reposition itself from Vulcan stove, closing in. Taking a hit reminders fire tactic to start refining.

Refining not you, I also want you to the faded layer of skin! Ding can not use, he only resorted to this furnace to torment each other some.

Boy you point temperature is far from want of the king is very weak, and there is really ease, too comfortable, coupled with the effort. Gold winged Xiaopeng Wang filled with wild voices heard, arrogant.


The chaos stone actually thrill of a Road Veris injection, not into the furnace, make it bright, very bright, like a sun in the lift burning.

From Vulcan stove, a few fuzzy Bird in the instantaneous disappearance and vanished into the furnace, stove Chi.

Extreme heat.

This is, Fan Ye was surprised, from Vulcan furnace was able to motivate the chaos stone power for its own purposes!

Rear, others are exposed color, especially jiangjia future, the king, the body is startled, out of the two eyes of God Mans, seems to be very shocked.

Initially, gold winged Xiaopeng Wang still ironic, but soon he keeps silent, and then sent a low roar.

This surprised everyone, which is what the stove, could not even golden-winged Xiaopeng Wang can not refinery? Actually hook the power of Chaos Stone, this is weird.

Boom! Clang! Bang!,

Golden-winged Xiaopeng Wang violent struggle in the chaotic force field to move up, we can imagine, he faced what kind of critical situation, is certainly moving in a <strong><a href=>tory burch outlet online</a> </strong> desperate attempt to earn.

Fan Ye then open the lid, the gold wings fell out, wanted to see how he.

All the results, all color, the future king of the dignified TIANPENG family, burned blackened, such as falling coal pit where a <a href=></a> .

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