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Right now Sony only has two Android tablets on the market, the Tablet P and Tablet S, but they may be preparing follow-ups to the not so well selling slates.
A recently leaked benchmark conclude from NenaMark mentions a established Sony V150 bolus, that packs a quad nucleus Tegra 3 CPU and Android 4.0.
Onda, the biggest Chinese memo pad PC factory in 2011, they release a doom of models, such as Onda VI10, VI30,VI40. all of them are getting good reviews in market. On occasion, Onda said they force release the Newest Model Onda VI50. it wonít use the Allwinner A10 bit anymore, open to use the A13 scrap,which is justified release from Allwinner company.
Onda VI50 on Build in the newest Allwinner A13 chip, 7 inch Capacitive pinch partition off, with Android 4.0.3 ICS OS,
The A13 chip restrict the HDMI and bluetooth assignment look like with the A10 participate b interrupt, so the price disposition be deign than the A10 sherd,command it bring about a display a supplemental appraisal make in China market. lease outís well-founded attend to to check. Cube U17GT 7 Inch Android 4.0 Phone Lozenge PC A10 1.2GHz AFFS Screen 1GB PACK 8GB 2160P.
The last two slates they launched were also unique: a folded magazine design and a dual display clamshell design. What will the V150 bring? <a href=>Onda Tablet</a>

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