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<b>Local Phone Numbers in 90 Countries</b>

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New York, USA
Set up - 30$, monthly fee- 12$
Los Angeles, USA
Set up - 30$, monthly fee- 12$
Tokyo, Japan
Set up - 50$, monthly fee- 30$
Berlin, Germany
Set up - 50$, monthly fee- 20$
Paris, France
Set up - 50$, monthly fee- 20$
Moscow, Russia
Set up - free, monthly fee- 50$
Lagos, Nigeria
Set up - 50$, monthly fee- 30$
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Set up - 50$, monthly fee- 26$
Mexico City, Mexico
Set up - 50$, monthly fee- 32$
London, UK
Set up - 30$, monthly fee- 12$
6500+ cities are available in 90 countries!

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<a href=>Virtual Phone Number For Free</a>

Virtual local phone number is like a usual telephone number. It is a service to forward incoming calls. The incoming calls to virtual number are automatically forwarded to another landline or cell phone number of that city or country which the client chooses. For example, if you buy local virtual number in New York (212) XXX-XXXX and forward calls to your landline (mobile) phone number in London (Tokyo, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Mexico, Istanbul, Moscow, etc.) the client will think that you are situated in New York. Or if you live in Canada and your family, relatives and friends live in the UK you can buy a VoIP DID virtual number in the UK and divert incoming phone calls to your Canadian number. The cost of international calls will become significantly cheaper. You can also forward calls from your local number to Skype and SIP.
Continent Telecom provides local phone numbers in 90 countries of the world, more then 6500 cities. View the list of available countries and local virtual numbers prices.

<b>International Virtual Local Phone Numbers</b>

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<a href=>Gold Phones</a>
<a href=>Tls Callback</a>

Continent Telecom provides local virtual phone numbers of all continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia/Oceania, North America, South America and even Antarctica!

North America: Canada, Costa Rica, Dominican Rep, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, USA - 1850+ cities
South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela
Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, UK
Asia: Bahrain, China, Hong Kong (HK), Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam
Africa: Algeria, Angola, Congo, the Democratic Republic, Cote d'Ivore, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa
Australia and Oceania: Australia, New Zealand (NZ), Tuvalu, Solomon Islands
You can forward your calls to landline and mobile phones according to current rates. Call forwarding to Skype and SIP devices is free.

<b>Local phone number advantages:</b>

<a href=>Broadband In America</a>
<a href=>Skype In The Us</a>
<a href=>Calls From The Internet</a>
<a href=>Virtual Telephone Services</a>
<a href=>Skype Besplatnye Zvonki Cherez Internet</a>

reduce telephone calls cost up to 60-70%
save money for international calls
set up phone number in 6500 cities of 90 countries
forward incoming calls practically anywhere in the world
ability to reach a global market
sell your services and products in another cities and countries
save online direct telephone number after you change company address
conversation ñonfidentiality
for ad campaigns
ability to set up multiple channel phone number
no additional equipment to purchase

<b>Multichannel DID Virtual Phone Numbers</b>

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<a href=>1800 Numbers Free</a>

The company also provides international multichannel virtual local numbers (also called multiple channel DID, direct inward dialing numbers).
It allows to receive several calls simultaneously and it is very important element in successful activity of modern company.
Get virtual multichannel number and expand your business! Your clients will easily call you any time thus you will not lose clients when your company phone numbers are busy.

<b>How it Works</b>

<a href=>Voip Client For Windows Mobile</a>
<a href=>Virtual Phone Number Canada</a>
<a href=>Voip Lan</a>
<a href=>Re Appeal</a>
<a href=>Gateway Ip Telephony</a>

Only purchase a virtual local number and choose the way to forward the incoming calls in Your Account: to your home or office landline, mobile number, Skype or SIP (IAX)! You'll get the possibility to answer calls practically anywere in the world!


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<a href=>Voip Operatory</a>
<a href=>Cheaper</a>
<a href=>Incoming Outsourcing</a>
<a href=>Calls Transferred</a>

Virtual local phone number price consists of:
- set up fee (one time)
- monthly fee
- call forwarding fee (view prices if you forward incoming calls to mobile or landline phone number), forwarding to Skype and SIP (IAX) is free.
For example, you buy local number in the USA. Set up fee is 30$ (one time), monthly fee is 12$ and call forwarding price to Canada landline number is 0,1$ per minute. If you forward calls to Skype or SIP/IAX it's free for you.

<b>Free Virtual Number Test</b>

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<a href=>Stoimost Call Centra</a>
<a href=>Make Free Call</a>
<a href=>Tarify Na Mezhdunarodnuju Svjaz</a>
<a href=>Ip Telefony</a>

If you would like to test virtual number please contact Live Support. You'll have an ability to test virtual number during 1 hour.

<b>How to buy a local virtual phone number?</b>

<a href=>The Quality Of Conversation</a>
<a href=>Free Ip Telephony</a>
<a href=>Tarif</a>
<a href=>Wireless Ip Phone</a>
<a href=>Ip Centrex Services</a>

Both private persons and companies can order virtual local telephone numbers.
Continent Telecom accepts PayPal, Liberty Reserve, Ukash, Moneybookers, Webmoney, VISA/Mastercard, bank wire transfers, etc. See plans and pricing!
You can choose one of the following ways:
- on the site using My Account
If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support.

<b>Online Virtual Office Solution - Save Money on Office Rental and Staff</b>

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<a href=>Voip Wi Fi</a>
<a href=>Calls Forwarding</a>
<a href=>Ip</a>
<a href=>Marketing And Advertising Companies</a>

Continent Telecom provides virtual office service. It allows you to decrease the costs of office rental and staff significantly and to save company phone number after you change address.

<b>Virtual office solution includes:</b>

<a href=>Encryption Voip</a>
<a href=>Voip Fxs</a>
<a href=>Tactile 3d Rus</a>
<a href=>Rates For International Calls</a>
<a href=>Prepaid</a>

call forwarding to landline and mobile phone numbers, Skype and SIP
faxes to e-mail - virtual fax (internet fax)
voice mail
conversations recording
transfer call
black and white contact lists
calls history
assigning internal numbers
calls interception and transfer, call statistics online
Virtual office service is available in the UK (London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, etc.), USA (New York(NYC), Washington, Los Angeles, etc.), Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), Ireland (Dublin), Hong Kong (HK), China, Singapore, Russia and other 82 countries of the world.
The cost of virtual office is only 65$/month. You can also obtain a voip virtual number. See plans and pricing!

<b>Toll free numbers of 25 countries: the UK, US, Canada (800), China (4001), etc.</b>

<a href=>Broadband Di Indonesia</a>
<a href=>Best Callback</a>
<a href=>1 800 Number Services</a>
<a href=>Voip Solution</a>
<a href=>Perform Call Forwarding</a>

Toll free number (also called virtual 800 number) is a national special phone number in any country, it is free for incoming calls in country where it’s located. The calls are paid by toll free phone number subscriber.
Continent Telecom provides toll free telephone numbers in the following area codes (prefixes): 800, 877, 888, 1800, 4001.
USA (1-800, 1-877, 1-888), Canada (1-800, 1-877), Australia (1800), UK (0800), China (4001), Spain (900), Sweden (020), Japan (0120). You can also order toll free numbers in Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden.

<b>Virtual IP PBX</b>

<a href=>Virtual Room</a>
<a href=>Number Phone Usa</a>
<a href=>Buy Phone In The Office Of Beeline</a>
<a href=>Fixed Telephone Handsets</a>
<a href=>Voip Sip Pbx</a>

Virtual IP PBX is designed for switching telephone calls between VoIP and local phone lines, it's an advanced complex of services which helps you to optimize your business and to feel free of define location and office. IP PBX is a reliable low price solution for any business with convenient management interface.

<b>Virtual IP PBX includes:</b>

<a href=>Main Forms Of International Economic Relations</a>
<a href=>Buy A Mobile Number</a>
<a href=>Uk Numbers</a>
<a href=>Virtual Number For Entrepreneurs</a>
<a href=>Free Voice Calls Sms</a>

online VoIP direct phone number
recieving calls to handset, Skype or SIP
interactive voice response (virtual receptionist)
complicated calls routing schemes
conversations recording
transfer call
black and white contact lists
calls history
assigning internal numbers
calls interception and transfer, call statistics online

<b>Virtual Fax Numbers</b>

<a href=>Mobile Phone Numbers</a>
<a href=>Rating Voip</a>
<a href=>The Cost Of International Calls Mgts</a>
<a href=>Telephone System In The Office</a>
<a href=>Thailand</a>

Virtual fax number (also called internet fax or online fax) allows to recieve fax messages and forward them to your e-mail in pdf format. Also you can send and recieve multiple faxes simultaneously by using virtual fax service. No traditional equipment (fax machine) is required.

<b>Virtual SMS Numbers</b>

<a href=>Operator On The Phone In The Office</a>
<a href=>Central Telephone</a>
<a href=>Krasivye Nomera Mts</a>
<a href=>How To Change Ip Address Of The Phone</a>
<a href=>Wireless Module</a>

Virtual SMS number allows to recieve and divert SMS messages to your e-mail. Continent Telecom provides virtual SMS numbers of Canada, USA and UK. Set up fee - 30$, monthly fee - 25$, 0.06$ per sms.

<b>Call Forwarding to Skype - SkypeIN</b>

<a href=>Toll Free Numbers Canada</a>
<a href=>800 Numbers Service</a>
<a href=>Phone Company</a>
<a href=>Saudi Mobile</a>
<a href=>Mobile Internet Telephony</a>

Get online virtual phone number and forward calls to Skype - you'll become the owner of the SkypeIn number of any city in any country. Additional services:
Interactive voice response, IVR (recorded by the professional announcer);
Answering machine;
Call forwarding to Sip device;
Forwarding to landline or mobile phone number in 6500+ cities of the world;
Complicated forwarding schemes.
Get a local number in 90 countries with call forwarding to more than 6500 cities of the world now! Become our client and you will appreciate the quality of our services!


<a href=>Krasivyj Nomer Mts</a>
<a href=>Virtual Number Providers</a>
<a href=>Deshevye Mezhdunarodnye Zvonki Zvonki Za Granicu</a>
<a href=>Fxo Fxs</a>
<a href=>Beautiful Virtual Numbers</a>

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